Dear Edith, Love Bieber

Today, Albert, Edwin, and myself went to do some gift shopping. We picked up an angel from the Salvation Army. Our angel’s name was Edith. Edith is a 12 year old girl. The subsequent couple hours were quite the circus. I shall start with quotes, then explain what we were doing.

“This girl’s parents are going to be like ‘Great, a bunch of 22 year old engineers picked out all her Christmas gifts.'”-Albert

“Yeah… They were not cool when they were 12, and they are not cool now.”-Me

“12 year old girls love this store!”-Me

“I still love this store!”-Albert

“She wants a CD player…. does she want any CDs?”-Me

“What do 12 year olds listen to?”-Albert

“Selena Gomez?”-Me

“We can get her a Bieber CD!!”-Edwin


“Yeah, I’ll sign it: Regards from Canada!”-Edwin

“Just get her a black one.”-Albert, on getting shoes

“We don’t know what she likes!! Just get a black one.”-Albert, on getting a sweatshirt

“Get a gray one.”-Albert, on getting a t shirt

"These are cool!"-Me "No! Those are golf shoes!"-Edwin

Essentially, we wandered around this mall trying to figure out what “Adult Small” means for a 12 year old girl and if she likes the color pink. We also contemplated what her style could be, and if we could help her out at all by getting her cool stuff. The major problem with this?…. we were never cool. And even as we tried to figure out what a stylish 12 year old wears, we noticed we were all dressed in gray/black t shirts. I was wearing a goofy touk. We are the least qualified bunch to be trying to trend set some middle schoolers. Our only clue? Beiber.

While working on our job, Jake mentioned that when people ask him what to get him for Christmas, he tells them to get an angel off the tree at the mall. While we aren’t wanting to get Jake a Christmas gift, we did want get him something to show our appreciation for the last few months. We got him a Forever Lazy, a cool picture, and signed Edith’s name on our thank you card. Gift presentation happens Friday, at our end of training dinner.

Buying stuff for a child you don’t know, based on their sizes alone, is challenging. It was also a lot of fun, it felt like a scavenger hunt. While buying the things on a child’s wish list is an added load your budget may not support, it’s a great thing to do with a group of friends. So if you have a few buddies and a spare afternoon/lunch break, run around the mall together scavenger hunting for your Edith.

2 thoughts on “Dear Edith, Love Bieber

  1. I want you to know that, upon first reading your entry, I though the angel you got from the Salvation Army was an actual angel figurine. I thought you named her Edith (because real people aren’t named Edith, and its the perfect name for an inanimate object) decided she was twelve years old and then tried to buy her clothes. I got a little confused when you were buying actual clothes for your angel figurine. It was only when I got to the end that I realized who Edith was, and why you were buying her clothes. FYI: While I love Selena Gomez, may twelve years olds do not like her because she is dating, and therefore stealing, Justin Bieber.

    • Hahahahaha. The first part of your comment had me laughing out loud by myself. Also, thank you for the insight on Selena Gomez. I would have never thought of that. Also, I’m glad you and Abbie are safe from the gunman roaming ASU.

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