So Concludes Chapter One

Almost. After tonight,  I have two days of radiation training. Then I go home. Then I go to Houma to start work on January 3rd.

Today we had a video conference with headquarters, our instructors, and the head training guy. Tonight, Whataberger is taking us our to dinner and a fancy place.

Last night, Albert caught his random roommate singing. He recorded audio of his roommate singing “Amazing” by Bruno Mars. He just sings the song over and over for aproximately 20 minutes. I will try to post this video. Brilliant.

“This better not be f&$%ing power rangers! I’ll f&$%ing kill you. I’m not watching power rangers.”-SoccerDad

“We’re not a nation of clowns!”-Edwin

“I graded it already….. looks like shit!”- Chinese instructor talking to an openholer in the hallway.

“The bus service these past two months has been shitty, for lack of a better word.”- Head of training guy

“Oh, today is your last day, huh? This is why everyone looks groggy. I think they were out last night.”- Headquarters guy we video conferenced with from Paris. We were very groggy looking.

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