And Then There Were 21

The international students have gone, except for DutchCoWorker. Tomorrow and Tuesday is radiation training. Last night, we all went to the Hard Rock Cafe + Casino. It was reminiscent of Vegas, but much less exciting and fancy. There was a Toby Keith’s inside. I ate there with Beatrice and Tommy. We talked about how great our time together has been and how sad it is to be leaving each other soon. We made a Trunk Monkey facebook page to share photos. Friday night, Whataberger took us out to eat for our final dinner together to celebrate the ending of the course. Riddles happened to be in town and came out to dinner. He sat at my table along with Jake, Beatrice, Tommy, SoccerDad and another character from the training center. I ate Filet Mignon. And oysters. And lobster tail. And frog legs. It was a classy dinner and a lot of fun. The restaurant was running low on frog legs, and the table next to us was quite jealous of our 3 orders.  Jake’s response to Albert’s jealousy was to wave his hand and proclaim,”Yes, frog legs for all!” After dinner, we presented our gift to Jake. He seemed very happy. He then presented to us our class pictures and certificates. He also gave us all cowboy hats with our class name printed on the inside.

In other news, I have been wearing my Forever Lazy all day (in case you haven’t heard of this, refer to this video I have utilized the butt flap and have several comments, starting with: it’s fairly pointless to have the butt flap while you’re still wearing pants under it. 

Me greeting the pizza guy wearing a Forever Lazy.

I also brought the Forever Lazy to the Hard Rock. At one point during the night, I put it on and danced around in front of the high stakes rooms with glass doors. When I say “danced around”, I of course mean I did the running man and various jumping jack type moves. Life is too short to not be embarrassing in public. I’m sure my mother would have been proud.
“Last night, I heated up the Chinese food I had saved. Then I decided I didn’t want to eat it, so I threw it on the floor.”-Big Shot Becker
“In my house in college, we had four hooks by the door with Snuggies on them. They were labeled ‘Grant, Andrew, Becker, and Guest'”-Big Shot Becker. This idea is both clever and hilarious.
“If you’re going to stick your hand up it’s @$$, you should probably sing to it too.”-Big Shot Becker, on how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. He sings to all his turkeys.
“I first rufeed my bed.”-Dutch co worker explaining how he came to be asleep in his bed.
“Maybe you’d have an easier time counting it if you counted in sandwiches.”-Crazy open holer making fun of Laila, who can’t count. Laila then threw the money she was counting and said something to the effect of “Count it your self.”
“Hey, doesn’t the carpet patterns look like faces?”-Beatrice
“Yeah. You know what would really piss my mom off?” *jumps and stomps on the carpet faces*-Me
This quote is made funnier if you are familiar with the story of 4 year old Laila stepping on shadows of people’s heads and Laila’s mother being very disappointed and making her apologize to the people who’s shadows she was stepping on. “That was very disrespectful”-Laila’s mother’s comments on the event 16 years later.
I have previously talked about our “game” of giving fingers. This game has spread to the open holers. They mean well. This is simply our version of waving to one another. Consider it a warm gesture. Merry Holidays, everyone!

Merry Holidays from the Open Holers

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