Greatest Hits

“Looks like you’ve got the shits and a nasty bug bite!”-SoccerDad commenting on the doctor scene of the Overly dramatic and awesome radiation movie which we have watched twice now. The Silent Source. It includes ghosts, a senseless janitor with an unrealistically attractive wife, and the most paltry closing statement from a defense lawyer EVER.

“Objection! Badgering the witness.”-Overly dramatic and awesome movie we had to watch (twice) about radiation safety and laws.

“HoneyBadgering the witness….”-Big Shot Becker

Today is my last day in Oklahoma. My departure from here and subsequent arrival at (my parents’) home is limited only by my speed of packing, which has been slow. I am very excited to leave and spend time with my family.

Strangely, I feel that Whataberger has been my family these last three months. When I leave here, there will be no more HoneyBadger and Trunk Monkey antics. Beatrice, Tommy and SoccerDad will be working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Edwin will be working somewhere in Canada, or something. His location is still not sure where he will be. Okonkwo will be working in Chad. Albert and I will be going to Houma, Louisiana.  I have termed us: Houmies!!

A photo from our trip to Arizona over Thanksgiving

No more Big Shot Becker. He will be working in New Mexico. Gertrude will be joining me in Louisiana. There are a couple dozen co workers going to work all over the world.

As for me, I have several days of “vacation”, before reporting to Houma. Most of these days will be spent hanging out and dodging my mother’s request to pack my things. A few of these days will be spent with my grandfather, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Some of my vacation days will be spent goofing off with old friends. I am thoroughly excited for all of this.
This blog has become my personal scrapbook/journal. Thank you, readers, for taking an interest in my life. This ends Chapter One: Welcome to the world of  Oil Field Services, Corporate America, and Paychecks. Keep an eye out for Chapter Two: Welcome to Houma, Rookie!

Greatest Hits

Here’s a short collection of some photos from my first three months of having a professional job.

Notice how clean our hats and onseys are....Hardly working, my friends


Some Monkeys in Albuquerque, NM


Room with a view. Thanksgiving Break.


Houmies in the Air and Space Museum outside of OKC.


That hat says "Whataberger"....


View of the training facility as we drive down the hill


I was so nervous to get this grade back. I set it to my desktop background to keep me motivated. That grade says 94.


This is the river behind our apartment complex.