If you give a mouse a cookie

He will want a glass of milk.

If you give 7 Whataberger employees the day off amid a hectic schedule, they will go absolutely crazy and not use it for resting or studying. We finished up our second big job. We have the day off today. Last night, we walked to the g alley. There was also go cart racing. Here are some photos from our evening.

This guy was performing next to our table

Okankwo bowls for the first time
The trunk monkeys are doing a secret santa gift exchange. I know what I’m getting my secret santa. I would post about it, but that would ruin the secret.

“That f&$%ing sweat shirt kills me.” -SoccerDad commenting on my SHOW ME YOUR MOUTH MARKINGS sweatshirt that my dad got for me. I wear it every day. It drives people crazy. My co workers have started sprinkling that saying into every day conversations.

“I used to bring my dog with me when I was a pizza driver. And sometimes the dog would get into the pizza.” -SoccerDad

“You said you were going to start a Disney vault of sandwiches with the McRib.”

“We can decorate a tree outside and make it our Christmas tree.”-Me

“Or we can decorate my palm leaf.”-Edwin

“He’s going to try to do her, and if that falls through, he’ll come with us…….. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!!”-Albert

Arrested Development

I have my class watching it.

Our schedule got rearranged, so I had the day off while my comrades had to go to work. I made them dinner. I felt like a stay at home mom feeding 5 children as they returned from school. On the menu: BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, corn salad, and berry cobbler. Growing kids need good food. My stay at home activities also included paying my speeding tickets, paying my bills, and applying for credit cards with rewards so I can earn flying miles. To those of you living not in Louisiana, I will be seeing you. I cleaned my apartment. I believe I misplaced my room key as a direct result of said cleaning. This is why I don’t like to clean.

Before bed, I like to relax with a nice cup of… coffee. I drink coffee before bed. I also drink coffee upon waking.

“Your girlfriend is always cleaning the handles and doors. I guess that’s her punishment for going to jail.” -SoccerDad

“She’s not my girlfriend! She just wore my hat to jail. I don’t even know her name.” -Albert

“Dude, that sounds like a girlfriend to me.” -Tommy

Yesterday, I met a co worker from east Texas. I told him my family lived there. He assumed I had a husband and children…. I advised him to buy a Pyramid Home from my uncle . Also, I don’t have a husband and kids.