Hunter Bowlers

This post is not for the feeble stomach. If you’re feeble, skip to the end.

As a last resort to get Jerome to eat, I decided to attempt feeding him a live mouse in his terrarium. The hopes were that he would hunt it like a real snake. I carefully dangled the mouse in front of him, the dropped it into the tank.

Thinking this would take a while for Jerome to finally attack it, I went to the kitchen to prepare myself a meal, so I could eat and watch Jerome eat too. I turned away for a minute and then came back to this:

Damn, I missed him attacking it. No matter, the mouse was still alive. It kicked its legs while Jerome tightened his grip. Gradually, the mouse’s attempts to escape and his life were squeezed out by my powerful Jerome. The little mouse went limp. Jerome then loosened his grip and began to swallow.


Now, I am sure my snake is not dying!

I went bowling with some co workers Wednesday night. Canada is back from Canada after a month’s hiatus. He beat everyone quite handedly in bowling, but was also throwing the ball half way down the lane, as I am led to believe is common practice in Canada. I also learned that in Canada, you may bowl three times in a frame, unlike the conventional American style bowling, where you bowl twice.

In other work related news, we have to make a job, but don’t have some of the specialty equipment needed. This means trying to round up the equipment from all over the world, and get it shipped to Houma in a timely manner, so that we can make the job.

“The soonest they can get it here by shipping is next Wednesday, which is too late. Or, they said they can charter a plane for 60 K.” I don’t know if this is funny or interesting. I found it  ridiculous.

Mr. Boxes has a wall calendar next to his desk. coincidentally, it is also next to my desk. One day, Albert sat in Mr. Boxes chair and doodled some event in on his calendar.

After Mr. Boxes returned from offshore, Albert asks him, “What are you doing on August 32nd?”

Mr. Boxes looks at his calendar and studies it for a moment. “Poo. Poop. Poopie. Poop?”…”I’m pooping.”

Last night, I ate sushi with DeepWater Shorty and Beverly. We all ordered clear soup. After getting our soup and starting eating, DWShorty says to Beverly, “I thought you got a potato soup?”

“What are we at… Chili’s??”-Beverly

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