Don’t Go Round Tonight

It is now the time of year when it rains everyday at 3:30 pm. When a storm moves in, it rains all day. I ride to and from work in my truck singing “Bad Moon Rising” as the waves take over the road.

The other day I went to lunch with about 10 other co workers. We called it a “crew meal”, and one of the engineers paid for everyone.

“Hey, I got the crew mean tomorrow. Everyone, meet me at Sam’s Club.”

“Where are we going for lunch?”

“I don’t know, but I have a hair appointment at 2…”DWShorty

Some of my co workers play a game where they park very close to each other and block someone in on the driver’s side. The game has grown, and now they block them in on both sides, forcing the person to crawl through their back window.


Our shop is also getting new concrete. I have never seen a slab of fresh concrete without marking it. As I was leaving work the other day, the concrete crew was wrapping up. I asked the leader if I could write my name in it. Trying to be discrete, I scribbled my initials in cursive.


Now I am a part of this place forever…..

Recently, I have been logging some serious hours at the shop. I show up and leave whenever I feel like it. Sometimes, this means spending 5 hours at work on a weekday. Other times, this means spending over 24 hours here on Saturday/Sunday. 

Reasons I like being at work on a weekend:

1. Mom and Dad aren’t home. In the absense of management, I can wear hole-y jeans and act a fool.


2. Not real business hours. Since it is after 5 or a weekend, the phones don’t ring.

3. Time flies. Before you know it, it’s 2am.

4. Quality bonding time. Staying here after hours means you’re doing something important(ish), and the other people here are relevant to what you’re doing.

In more relevant news, this weekend, I will be embarking on my “break out job”. After controls, this is the final step to getting my Field Engineer promotion. The days of training and being “Junior” will soon be behind me.

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