Recently, I’ve been on one job a week. I went on what is referred to as “an open hole job”, where I just show up, turn on the tool, and run the data acquisition. No dealing with company men or job logistics. Just logging. I met some new operators with more colorful stories about the “old days” in the oilfield.

“We went to this one well. It was in maybe ten feet of water. Real old well. I saw them pull a tree out of the well. Apparently, this tree had been there for a long time and was covered by the ocean. They stuck the pipe. When they finally got it free and pulled it out, it dragged a tree with it.”

The ride home was one of the scariest. After being awake for 24+ hours, I fell right to sleep on the chopper. I was woken by the feeling of free falling. I’ve read that the one fear all babies have in common is falling. It is the single most innate fear to a new born human. Being woken from your dreams, (I was dreaming of logs, by the way) with your stomach in your chest can cause you to almost pee your pants. Almost….. anyhow. I looked out my window to see this:

[photos coming soon]

I also decided this was the time to snap some illegal helicopter photos… I then mentally reviewed what I was prepared to do to bust the windows off this helicopter, when I had a sudden epiphany.

My parents are on a small road trip of the South with my Egyptian cousin and her new husband. They stopped by New Orleans and Houma for a while. I am ready to make my first restaurant recommendation as a ‘local’ in of the New Orleans area. It is a little place on Magazine Street called Salu. The menu changes based on what the chef fancies and it includes a variety of unique dishes. Highly, highly recommended.

“This…. is….. AWESOME!” -Dad, on dining at Salu!

“Laila, you hit the jack pot. Not like your sister….. took us to eat pizza with no cheese.”-Dad


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