I Made a C in Social Studies

The title for this post is a true story. It is only slightly related to our topic of discussion today.

Today, I noticed a facebook friend request. I often ignore friend requests, allowing them to linger for months before ignoring.

Today, I befriended, via facebook, my third grade teacher. (Before I go on reminiscing about our time together in 1997-98 I want it on the record that I have spent about two hours “stalking” other teachers from my elementary school). I remember receiving a post card from her the summer after second grade and dreading the day I would go into third grade. Rumors rampantly spread that she was a hard ass. I wanted no part of her “tough” third grade class room. As it turns out, the Highland Village Elementary student populace had it wrong. This teacher changed my life. Some of you may read this blog and think I am a talented and amazing writer!! However, most of you know that not too long ago…..

….I couldn’t spell my own name or tell the difference between 3’s and E’s. God bless this woman, for not only did she teach me, she saw passed my illiteracy and recommended me for the gifted and talented program, effectively shaping my entire education. I want to chat with her today and tell her how much I’ve grown. I am sure she knows, but I want to emphasize that I am not 8 anymore. I survived some terribly self-conscious years. I graduated college. I have a job! Though many things have changed in my life, I still maintain close friendships with people I met through the gifted and talented program in school. I enjoy the rare occasion when I drive through my hometown and lose myself in memories of my time there. I still keep the stuffed Ka snake puppet that I would bring to school for show and tell and write stories about for class projects (which is the picture featured above).

Erd grade was a big year for me. I wonder if teachers remember students like students remember teachers. I wonder if they know the degree of their influence. Long after summer break and graduation, you are not forgotten.Though I want to express my gratitude to this woman in a formal facebook conversation, I will instead show my appreciation by looking through her pictures and systematically finding the facebooks of all my other teachers….

5 thoughts on “I Made a C in Social Studies

  1. Of course I remember you, Laila! You were such a good thinker and so eager to learn! If only all students were like that…. Your kind words touched my heart….we teachers don’t know if our students will remember us past the next year much less many years! I am so proud of your success! See…I knew there was a lot of intellect and talent inside of you!
    I’ve been reading through your rig tales and find them fascinating and funny! You ARE a good writer!! How long have you had your current job? You are very brave to ride back and forth to those rigs on a helicopter as well as spend the night out there! I will be checking back often to read of your latest adventures….
    I asked if you were in Houston because my daughter Leslie went to law school there and beginning the summer before her last year in school, went to work for a oil and gas law firm. (During her interview which was with 5 men, they asked her if she was really interested in oil and gas and she quickly replied, “I’m a Texan…of course I am!” I think that got her the job.) Anyway she finished school and passed the bar in 2006 and began working full time for 2 of the lawyers who had broken away and started their own firm. She was worked to death…nights, weekends…it was all about those “billable” hours. At one time she interviewed with Schlumberger (SP?) as one of their in-house attorneys but didn’t get the job. Too inexperienced, I’m sure. Anyway, finally she was able to “escape” in January of 2011 and went to work in the supply chain management section of Calpine, an energy producing company, reading contracts and such. The stress level went down tremendously and she and her husband Adam became parents of a beautiful little girl, Violet Lorelei, on Sept. 12, 2011! Just this month she will join the legal department at Calpine and is very excited! That’s probably more than you want or need to know about Leslie but the similarities in your careers—both involving oil and gas, made me want to share that with you.
    I retired in May 2006 and will share more later IF you are interested! It sounds like you are quite busy with your job. Again…I’m so glad to connect with you and so very proud of the young woman you have become. Stay in touch!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoy the rigtales. I’m glad your daughter has found a less stressful job and started a family. I’ve been at this job since September 6 2011. It is a lot of fun, but is very stressful at times. I’d love to hear more about retired life. At this point, I feel I will be working FOREVER before I can retire. It’s very good to hear from you!!

  2. Wow! It’s great that you connected with Mrs. Elliott. She was a fantastic and pivotal teacher indeed. Wishing her good health and happiness in retirement. Congratulations to Leslie.

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