Warp Speed

Hurricane is over. Rigs are back in position and working at warp speed. After a super fun week off, I am back to work.

Presently, I am offshore for BP on a rig called West Capricorn. All the previous BP jobs have been on Transocean rigs. However, this is a SeaDrill rig. So far, all toilets are functional.

This is the first job I have made offshore with my crew and equipment that I did not prepare myself. Instead,  I met Noelle at the shop 4:30 am Thursday morning, and came offshore. Noelle has written the following incident reports about me:

Brief Description Engineer observed sticking a knife into a toaster
Detailed Description An engineer was observed sticking a metal knife into a toaster. She was attempting to remove a piece of toast that was stuck. The other engineer and the operators intervened to explain the electrical shock hazard and she agreed to refrain from using a knife as a toast retrieval device in the future


Brief Description Engineer using hands to retrieve cookies
Detailed Description An engineer was observed using her hands to pick up cookies from the cookie jar even though it was explicitly stated during the two previous pre-tour meetings that tongs were to be used to pick up cookies. Tongs should be used instead of hands to prevent the spread of illness.

In other recent events: I have taken two violin lessons. They took place two weeks ago and I have not picked up my instrument since 😦 As soon as I get back to land, I will practice furiously for two days, then call my teacher.

I signed up for the Rock N Roll half marathon in New Orleans February 24th. Training will begin…soon?

2 thoughts on “Warp Speed

  1. A few weeks ago I saw there was a RnR half marathon in New Orleans and almost called you. Are you definitely doing it? Let’s train together and I’ll fly out in Feb to run it and (more importantly) visit you!

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