It’s Actually Corn

Hurry up and wait. This is the name of the game. We’ve been on stand by on this rig for 6 days now. Originally, we were supposed to log 5 days ago. Nothing happens on time or according to schedule in the oil field. As a result, I’ve had lots of bonding time with my crew.

“Why did they send two teenagers out here to run the wireline??”-Dishwasher

This rig has two pre tower safety meetings and a weekly safety meeting. The captain on a rig is called the OIM, offshore installation manager. At this week’s safety meeting, the OIM did magic tricks and called himself the Offshore Installation Magician.

Noelle and I walking down the stairs with the captain:

“I haven’t done these tricks in 11 years.”-OIM

“Were you a magician in a past life?”-Me

“Haha, yeah. I used to do tricks in the bars for young ladies.”-OIM

Wells are filled with mud. It can be oil based mud, water based mud, or a brine. Different additives achieve certain mud weights or properties. Sometimes, the mud can be corrosive, and you have to wear a slicker suit when on the rig floor.

Noelle’s husband also works for Whataberger, but in a segment for drilling and measurements. It’s similar to what we do in wireline, but they stay on location for a lot longer and do not use a wireline. Anyhow, he was explaining to Noelle that in the well he’s on, there is corn in the mud.

“Like a corn based additive?”


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