Welcome Back

I find myself offshore, again, for BP. Yesterday, the lady at the heliport told me, “you just came in Thursday”. Indeed, lady, I did. I worked all weekend to turn around my equipment for another job. On Sunday, four of Houma’s seven crews loaded out and left the yard. Two were already offshore, and one is preparing to leave soon. It is a busy time in the offshore world.

This week, our journey takes us back to the Discover Enterprise. All the galley staff and roustabouts keep telling me “welcome back!” My crew is Daffy Duck, and Harry1. Today, Beverly joined us.

I just saw a herd of dolphins outside. I counted 12.

“If I had a daughter, I’d want her to be like you. IF I had a daughter. I don’t. I have a dog. You remind me of my poodle.”-Harry1

“What am I… a dinosaur??!” – Spike Panda, after getting a plate of mostly vegetables at lunch.

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