In Local News

There are several Whataberger locations in the area. This story did not occur in my shop, but the shop a few roads down from us.

In other local news, life offshore is not all glamor and glitz. This morning DWShorty messaged to tell me that a helicopter was broken down on the helipad at the rig. This was supposed to be his carriage home. Instead, he is presently waiting on the rig for a boat to come. The boat will carry him to another rig, where he will catch an afternoon flight to come home. Meanwhile, the cleaning crew on the rig made his bed and told him not to lay in it…. This forced DWShorty to sneak into his room to lay down and wait for the boat.

“I human. I deserve bed.” -DWShorty

Meanwhile, Beverly and I came up with a list of #DeepWater problems… These are funny because most people working in the oilfield never see the luxury of an offshore deepwater drillship. Which is more or less like an eery horror movie of a crappy, crappy, cruise ship. But you have to work.

Yeah I only got 12 channels on the flatscreen in my room #DeepwaterProblems

I ordered my filet medium rare. Pretty sure that was medium #DeepwaterProblems

Grabbed a whole box of candy for the unit. Didn’t have snickers, so I had to settle for Butterfingers #DeepwaterProblems

Had a failure that was less than $500,000 red money. We call that success. #DeepwaterProblems

Wait a second… you expect 4 people to share one room? #DeepwaterProblems

Is that quote less than $1 million? I think I’ll sit at home #DeepwaterProblems

Got the shakes. Haven’t had a beer in 4 days #DeepwaterProblems

I eat four meals a day, three plates a meal #DeepwaterProblems

I have to carry two laptops. My luggage weighs more than me #DeepwaterProblems

How many catered meetings with sandwiches to I have to attend per day? #DeepwaterProblems

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