To begin this hitch, we are offshore for BHP on the CR Luigs. The rooms on this rig are spacious and nice. I am relieving an engineer, so essentially I just wait for our turn to operate, then I go home. We are setting a plug and then a sump packer. The plug is effectively the bottom of the well. The sump packer is like a plug, but set 50-100ft above the plug. The space below the sump packer is the “sump”. From my understanding, it holds debris which settles to the bottom when the well starts producing.

All Galley’s have something which makes them special. Some have crappy, crappy food, but cheese cubes at the salad bar. Others have a popcorn machine, or candy. This galley has industrial blenders for people to make their own smoothies. After we all finished eating, I noticed these machines and pointed them out to my crew, Archie, Winnie, and Mr. Boxes.

“Everytime someone makes a smoothie, I have to beg to try a little bit.” -Winnie

“Do you want me to make you a smoothie?!” -Me

“Yeah.” -Winnie

“Really!!??” -Me

So I went to the salad bar to begin my great concoction. Spinach, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. Milk and ice. Winne came over and added a scoop of vanilla protein. I then added some cinnamon and honey. We blended the drink. I proudly marched back to the table and poured Winnie some of the smoothie.

“OH MY GOD!!” He yelled as he pulled the cup away from his mouth. Archie began to laugh uncontrollably, so I grabbed two more cups to make him and Mr Boxes try it as well. The four of us sat at a table drinking the weird smoothie. Consensus was that it was “not that bad.” We agreed for breakfast we would try to add peanut butter or maybe a banana.

“Hah! Snack Pack! It’s been a while since we made a job together.” -Winnie

“My bag lost 14 lbs.” -Me

“You finally realized they was gonna feed you offshore!?”-Winnie


After eating our meals and drinking our smoothies, I poured some Lucky Charms.

“I feel sorry for Mr. Boxes.” (A comment about all the random stuff I was eating…) -Winnie

“Cereal doesn’t make you fart!” -Me

“All that other sh!t you putting in your body will!!” -Winnie



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