When Laila Met Taco

Last weekend, I attended my first party down the Bayou. It was at a house on stilts near the water. These are areas that get destroyed in a hurricane. I watched the LSU football game with some co workers, ate home made quesidillas and shot guns into the Bayou. While shooting guns, a critter came running through the grassy fields surrounding the house. Many thought it was a rabbit or very small deer. The gun wielder turned to shoot at it. Just then, we realized it was not a wild swamp animal, but rather a small friendly dog. This dog we named Taco.

Photo: My new dog, Taco!

Taco is extremely tame and quiet. She sat beside the group patiently. We took her upstairs to sit in the swing and fed her steak. We decided that her name was Taco, but her Cajun name was “Taceaux”. See the Cajun man video below for an example of pronunciation…


I fell in love with this dog, as evidenced in the photo above This bayou canine wore no collar. Where I come from, that means this dog is fair game. However, I sensed that down the Bayou, those rules don’t apply. Since Taco did not seem malnourished and was clearly a very domesticated dog, I decided not to steal her.

Next week, I return to Kellyville, OK for another round of training. I will reunite with the Dutch Co Worker and Rick. They are open holers.

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