A Three Hour Tour

Today we voyaged across the seas to a rig called the Deepwater Nautilus. This rig is of the same design and a “sister” to the Deepwater Horizon. (If you are bored, reading about rig order, design, manufacturing, and deployment can provide hours of interesting internet research.) It seems like an older rig, but has proved its character in the 4 hours I’ve been here thus far. This will likely be another job where I sit around for several days, building excitement for the few hours of actual work. Boring, yes. But it sure beats sitting in the office feeling guilty about not doing anything.

Upon arrival to a rig, one embarks on a magical journey known as the safety orientation. Orientations vary drastically from rig to rig. My first offshore orientation on the Hercules 202 (remember that trip… when I didn’t have a bed to sleep in..?) consisted of sitting in the TV room and signing a couple of papers. My second offshore orientation consisted of a video, a power point, signing papers and a short tour.

The Deepwater Nautilus’ safety orientation consists of two long videos, taking up nearly an hour, signing papers, and an extensive guided tour of the rig. This tour revealed the ambiguous indoor, but also outdoor work rooms on the rig. We walked through the mechanic shop and welder’s shop. Before entering the welder’s shop, our tour guide had to ask for permission. We received the go-ahead from the welder and walked through the room quickly. I did catch a glimpse of the welder’s current project. The welder stood with his mask, gloves, and torch over a clean work table. In the center of the table was what appeared to be an empty tin soup can. I can only assume this is some sort of Christmas present art project and not a modified soup can to be used in the well…



Facebook has just asked me to See my 2012 year in review. It wants me to view my 20 biggest moments. To Facebook I want to say: you have no idea what I’ve been up to this year….Also, this post, along with your advertisement, is premature as we are only 95% through this year. Curious, I allowed facebook to review my year. Facebook got a few events right, but also on the list were me sleeping at work, updating my profile pictures, and going bowling. However, here are 20 moments from this year to which facebook is clueless.

1.  I almost abandoned ship when lightening struck the rig and set off the abandon ship alarms.

2. I participated in multi million dollar jobs… my name is on them.

3. I’ve been sent home from work…. more than once.

Active day

Active day

4. I became someone’s “supervisor”. They call me boss.

5. I told a grown man to “eff off”, and he respected me for it…

6. I stayed awake for 48 hours.

7. I’ve cried at work…. more than a dozen times.

8. I participate in skeet shooting regularly.

9. I completed a full calender year with Whataberger.

Hard, hard work

Hard, hard work

10. I moved… not away to college, and not within my home state. I packed up my things and moved to a different state where I pay income tax.

You never appreciate how much a city means to you until you come back to visit

You never appreciate how much a city means to you until you come back to visit

11. My hair fits in a ponytail for the first time in almost two years.

12. I celebrated Mardi Gras down the Bayou.

13. I’ve been to more college and professional sports games than I have in my life combined.

Cowboys VS Eagles

Cowboys VS Eagles

Oklahoma City Thunder VS Los Angeles Lakers

Oklahoma City Thunder VS Los Angeles Lakers

14. I’ve made friends from 6 different continents. I have many new places on my list to visit.

Friends from around the world

Friends from around the world

15. I have spent one week as an “evacuee” from a hurricane.

16. I touched a dolphin.

17. I almost stole a dog.

18. I did steal a taser.

19. I’ve been offshore 20+ times.

20. Jerome.