A Jumble

Laila is still waiting on official paperwork regarding relocating to Oman, aka “oh-man too soon!”. She is a calm bundle of ambiguous feelings. In the meantime, she is in Oklahoma cross training into open hole services.


Riddle Me This!!!

Typically, training is a fun time to be away from your field duties without being away from Whateberger entirely. This time around, it feels like a distraction away from dealing with moving. I feel alone, away from my family and friends I so badly want to spend time with before being shipped off across the ocean. The distraction is somewhat effective. You dedicated blog followers may remember about a year and a half ago when I was in Oklahoma for initial training and had a friendly rivalry with the open hole class. After sometime, we are all the same…. just Whataberger engineers with all the same skills. I am enjoying my time meeting new co workers from across the globe and learning more about the jobs I could be doing in the future.

Edwin, the Canadian compadre is also in this course. We spend a good deal of our time reminiscing about our initial training and how much we miss SoccerDad and friends. Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle, together again

Luckily, Albert is still with me in Houma….for now. This is him all dressed up for a Mardi Gras Promenade. These are the memories I will be missing out on when I make the move overseas…Mardi Gras

 In the brief gaps between absorbing new wireline knowledge, the following questions consume my little mind…. I invite you all into the small, not so cavernous space inside my curly topped head…

* Do my relocation benefits include moving my pet overseas? If so, are pets allowed to stay on a campsite? If the answers are yes, Jerome will love the desert.

* Can Whateberger move my bicycle overseas? I can ride it across the camp from my room to the shop.

* Will I be an exotic American who speaks the tribal language of English?

*When I get back to Houma, I hope I can make it to this concert in Lafayette to round out my childhood dreams.

* If I have one week before I have to leave, could I make a trip out west to visit people…?

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