The concept of mobility has ever growing significance to me. My first serious introduction to the idea calls images of my father yelling at a bunch of teenagers to move around the soccer field, create opportunities, and support their teammates. “MOBILITY!!!”, he would yell, “Mobility is key!” If life is a game on a pitch, I want the ball. I’m here to play.

Move 1.1 and 1.2: Laila goes to ASU; Laila’s parents go to HOA

About two years later, the concept really took hold, as I graduated high school and moved a few states away to college. Within that same year, my folks also moved, proving semi traumatic for me. Home is the house I grew up in. For the next several years, I would come to north Texas to visit my family, drive to my old neighborhood, park my car in front of my old house, and run around, as I did growing up. It’s a creepy ritual that I had to do, just to gain my bearings in this crazy world. Even creeper, my sister and I would periodically send each other photo’s of the house as we drove by, which we called a “drive by”. Other things I did to grasp onto my upbringing include: changing all my ringtones to obnoxious country songs about Texas, wearing cowboy boots, sporting other Texas paraphernalia.

Move 2: A “Crude” Awakening (as in crude oil)

After graduating college, I took this job. It moved me from the desert in Phoenix AZ to the bayou in Houma LA. My family and I packed up my apartment, a process which was both traumatic and laborious. I came to the brutal realization that I have hoarding tendencies. “Laila, there is no reason a grown person should have this much Play-Dough…”, said my mother. Together, we narrowed down my items to a small truckful. I tearfully said goodbye to another place I grew up in, and another set of family I grew to love. I try to hold on to those memories and that place by visiting periodically, and when I do visit, I buy Arizona State gear. I wear this gear often. I listen to obnoxious country songs about Arizona.

Move 3: An Anxious Place

Though I tried to be a minimalist and purge myself of useless possessions, I have since replenished my stock of useless sh!t, and find myself, yet again, moving. This time across the world.I am currently back in north Texas, at my parents house. Today, I went through some things I kept here. To get in the spirit of purging, I usually throw on a hat or costume piece from my collection. Luckily, I keep plenty of hats at various location for when the occasion arises:


I threw out a lot, and tried to make room for the new old things that will be stored here. I came across some papers with brain storming exercises I did with my mom. I had written my career objectives, cover letters, several pages of essays explaining why I, as a college senior, was qualified to take on a particular job. Two years out of college, if I had to write a similar statement, it would go something like this: Please understand that I do not have a clue what I am talking about at this point in time. I will work hard and learn your business. What I lack in skill, I make up in fun!!. Here is a list of what I wanted in a job:


I decided to keep/hoard
these papers, as I know I’ll come across them the next time I am cleaning out the room… During
another transitional move.

Mobility…. I am running around the pitch; it’s creating opportunites for me.

Mobility!   I am pivoting and thinking quickly. I am finding team mates all around this land.

I am scared to  clean out my room in Houma… who knows what sort of things I have hoarded over this last year.

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