Oh Beautiful

I dreamed of fireworks after completely falling asleep during a job. I used to think going offshore was the ultimate in challenges, but am learning that different styles of work are meant to test a variety of your skills. I completed my first open hole job in a real well.

There is a series of “water wells” being drilled here in the desert. They are not drilled for drinking water, but rather for injecting into other wells (called injection wells). I was chosen to go on these series of jobs, as they will be good for practicing, and a lot of repetition. Mighty Mouse also decided that I should take two junior engineers and one college intern with me on my first open hole job. Needless to say, I was very nervous and tense.

Many open hole tools require radioactive sources. I don’t care for working with radiation, its scary. However, I do my job and follow all the safety rules and conduct safety meetings on the rig where I yell at the rig crew about staying the hell away from our sources. I’ve worked with explosives quite a bit, and they don’t scare me, as if something goes wrong, you know it. With radiation…. there’s no way to know how much you’ll be affected.

After my safety meetings, I was asking the driller about where people are working on the rig, since one of our sources is a directional source, meaning it’s concentrated and points in one direction. He kindly motioned to the flag and told me “downwind is that way.”

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