It’s Cool

We find ourselves offshore again, at last. An extended break from work, as I can easily feign poor internet connection (though I usually don’t need too).

This is a sister rig to the one with no internet or TV’s which I hated so much. In preparation for this job, I had a co worker give me WEEKS worth of TV shows and movies to watch, in case times got desperate. I brought my own pillow and am ready to settle in. Upon arriving to the rig, I learned that my wireline computer cab has an internet connection annnd each bed on the rig has its own little TV which connects to satteline and has a USB plug in. It’s like keeping children calm in your minivan. The company man is from Odessa, and we’ve been reminscing about Texas.

MEANWHILE— I am here to run a slew of wireline services, most of which I have never seen. They are all “contingency plans” which means they may or may not run depending on what happens in the well. While I play it cool with my managers and the company man, I secretly hide in this wireline unit reading as much as I possibly can about these services, and also praying we don’t run the awful ones.

Previously in Houma, engineers do not run services they have never seen before. Qatar works a bit differently, which frightend me at first. When going to run my first open hole services, I was terrified. I was transparent about this terror, and communicated how uncomfortable I was to Mighty Mouse. This time around, we are supposed to convey one of our services on what is known as “TLC” or Tough Logging Conditions. If you’ve been paying attention, you may remember that I am a Wireline Field Engineer. Most of what this entails is putting tools onto a wireline cable, and lowering them into a well for various measurements and services. TLC means that instead of being lowered on wireline cable, our tools will be connected to drill pipe, and pushed through the well by means of this pipe.

I called Mighty Mouse for a briefing of the job plan. He said, “I think you may be on your own for this one, I don’t have anyone to send out.” I replied “It’s cool, I’m not afraid anymore!”

1 thought on “It’s Cool

  1. A doctor friend of mine told me about learning surgical techniques for the first time: Watch one, Do one, Teach one. He said that that 3 step technique works. Good luck out there.

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