It is Wednesday. Today I went into the galley to pass the time for lunch. I was met with a steaming buffet full of grilled onions, chicken strips, rice, tortillas, ground beef, taco shells, and refried beans.



It’s Mexican food day!! I stacked my plate with the aforementioned foods and sat in the corner to enjoy my feast. One by one, my new friends (the biker guys from the various southern states..) walked in chanting “Arriba Arriba!!”

The rig electrician, from Alabama, sat across from me at the table and shouted, “It’s Taco Bell!! My favorite restaurant!”

“Arriba!!” Yelled another man walking up to the buffet.

“La Casa!!” Exclaimed a portly man as he grabbed a jar of salsa.

We laughed together and got nostalgic about Taco Bell. I told them how I stream TV online and always see the latest Taco Bell commercials. As the Mexican food excitement died down and we stuffed our faces, I heard one guy say quietly, “These aren’t real refried beans….. They don’t even use lard over here….”

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