Today Is the Greatest

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had many an idea for a new blog post, but once in front of a computer, the inspiration eluded me.

I wanted to tell the tales of Arcenio Hall


The faithful crew chief who has made me both laugh and cringe as he talked about his affinity for cock fighting.
“I am so tired. Haven’t been sleeping.”
“Why aren’t you sleeping, Arcenio?”
“Up all night. Watching videos. Of cock fighting.” Arcenio proceeds to show me a youtube video of a cock fight.
“This is terrible, Arcenio! This is illegal!! Big trouble for doing this!”
“NAH!! In YOUR country, maybe. But in Phillipines, is very popular.”
The video starts and my body spazes. Without seeing a second of actual cock fighting, I jump from my seat shouting uncontrollably, “I can not watch this. Please don’t ever show me again!”
This was not my expected reaction.

I wanted to dedicate a post to the latest job offshore I completed, where I felt very much like a junior engineer again, perched on the edge of a counter for days watching other engineers run a sampling tool.


I drafted a post briefing the fast paced life in Doha and my day at the RedBull FlugTag competition.


Or the pet section at the local market where colored chicks are sold.


Alas, I post from the airport, where I am about to fly back across the ocean for another training course in Oklahoma and brief vacation visiting family afterwards. Frankly, the last several months of excitement and adventure could not compare to my feeling today.

Today is the greatest. Today marks the longest stretch of time I’ve been away from home, a dynamic place which meaning is expanding all the time.

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