Lucky ’13

This year has been one extreme with highs and lows. In a word, it was dynamic. Everyday feels uncomfortable, because everyday- so much is changing. I’ve been humbled. I’ve seen pain. I’ve been elated at the sight of stacks of work to pilot my mind away from myself. I’ve been lost. I’ve been grateful. I’ve been in a prison of thoughts and expectations. I’ve defined my values. On the whole, I’ve grown more than any other time I can think of. This year was a lot less about:

Climb a tree

and much more about:

In the FACE

^^ facing the real world. There were the occasional moments of:

The Rowan California


Green Pearls

But let’s organize a list which can never fully capture, but maybe give some perspective to the last year minus 8 days.

1. I’ve had my passport stamped in seven countries.
2. I laid on my couch while professional movers packed up everything I own.
3. I totaled my Ford Ranger on a rainy 6 lane highway in Dallas.
Danger Ranger
4. I met my childhood hero.

5. I was told I look 30.
6. I mentored seven interns/junior engineers.
7. I got a promotion.
8. I left work early (very early… like… noon-early) every day for a week just to sleep.
9. I was a victim of sabotage, the aftermath of which escalated to an attempted coup and unraveling of several able- minded people.
10. A modern day slave wishes me a good morning and brings me apples on a daily basis.
11. I’ve truly lost friends. Not in the sense that people drift apart, but in the sense that sometimes- people were never meant to be friends.
12. I’ve cried at my job. A LOT. Sometimes for no reason.
13. I visited the US embassy.
14. I’ve said goodbye to six different co workers who resigned within a few months of each other.
15. I saw a piece of pressure equipment explode.
16. This:

17. I’ve been crushed.
18. I was stung by a jellyfish.
19. I’ve been offshore in two different countries.
20. I’m a stranger in my home.

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