2015: All The Things

As I think back on the year, its really difficult to convey how important, amazing, scary, emotional, exciting, and simply pivotal 2015 has been. Not only has it been a big year for me, but for my family as well. Let’s not forget what a great year Fetty Wap had. I sit in front of the computer, scanning my brain to recount all the incredible experiences of 2015. How do I do them justice? Do I post photos of the magnificent views I saw while hiking, driving, flying, diving, and running around the globe? Do I talk about the life changing time I spent with my family and reconnecting with old friends? Or do I make a list? I’m in awe of how much can happen in 365 days. I’m grateful for every second. I know they’ll last forever, immortalized in my memories.

Well, I’ve dusted off the ol’ keyboard… Let’s get to it! In no specific order……

  1. I suffered an absolute low in my career as a field engineer with three consecutive service quality failures on my watch and one severe safety incident when of my crew members fell off a trailer and was care-flighted to a hospital.
  2. I was laid off and so funemployed. (See many examples below)
  3. I touched US soil for the first time in over a year. I left Qatar. The manic emotions of this return still keep me motivated on a daily basis.
  4. My most excellent mother was crowned a 2015 Piper Professor and 2015 US PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR!!!! I was privileged to celebrate the former with her in May and see my mother beam as she was recognized for her high achievements.
  5. My most excellent sister defended her PhD in cancer research. I was lucky enough to attend this as well….. along with a lot of my other family.
  6. My most excellent father had a triple bypass surgery. I was again, lucky enough to be with my family and experience this together. I can’t stress how lucky.
  7. I watched my college roommate get married in a beautiful ceremony and reception celebration in scenic Tucson Arizona.
  8. I drove down Highway 1 on the coast of California.
  9. I drove myself 10,000 miles on a series of road trips in the United States.
  10. I reconnected with friends of 20+ years. After not seeing them for the past 8.
  11. I saw Third Eye Blind in concert. On July 4th. In Dallas.
  12. I went to the UK on a dare.
  13. I started graduate school! I made an A in graduate school!
  14. I played on two soccer teams.
  15. I had my face painted on all occasions whenever face painting was available.
  16. I toured a fire department and dressed up in full fireman gear!
  17. I flew in a two-seater experimental plane.
  18. I rode a motorcycle for the first time. On a highway.
  19. I rolled down a sand dune.
  20. I took a four year old to a Renaissance festival. I saw her believe in magic and fairies and time travel.
  21. I felt whole again for the first time in a long time.
  22. I threw beads from a balcony on Bourbon Street.
  23. I experienced debilitating heartburn. I went to a doctor for it. I now know what is heart burn.
  24. I went to a 10 year high school reunion. In Wakulla County. That’s Florida.
  25. I caught crabs in the Gulf of Mexico.
  26. I went on a road trip with my mom.
  27. I went on two different road trips with two of my best friends.
  28. I saw a brunch Drag Show in San Francisco.
  29. I went on a road trip with my sister.
  30. I toured the New Mexico state capital!
  31. I went to Thailand with my other best friend, Francis. We won a t-shirt contest.We also ate bugs. And curry.
  32. I drove a U-Haul trailer hitched to my car.
  33. I moved. THREE TIMES to THREE countries.
  34. I bought a new (used) car.
  35. I went to three different zoo’s.
  36. I had a most beautiful domestic partnership with my mentor.
  37. I learned some violin. I performed on that violin at an open mic night.
  38. I taught science.
  39. I had the best year ever.

I am now living in Paris for part of my degree program. While I am skeptical that 2016 could ever compare in importance, lessons and excitements to 2015, I do feel that I will be less busy and able to document the time with a more committed blogging regiment.

Thanks to Francis for reminding me to post.

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