Tell Me More About This Site!!

I am Laila; Welcome to my site. Rigtales was started to chronicle my life as an oilfield worker. It has since evolved into much more.

I invite you to come on the job, on vacation, on days off, and back home with me.
In September 2011, I started working as a field engineer for the *fictional* oilfield services company, Whataberger (pronounced what-a-bur-jay). I worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, where I lived among America’s national icons, the Swamp People and in 2013, I brought my talents to the desert and offshore rigs in Qatar. In 2015, I returned home to the US to enjoy some time off and plot my next career/life move. Since my time with Whataberger came to an end, it is now referenced by the actual name- Schlumberger.

Please enjoy the ever-growing blog archives, and follow along from the beginning. Since induction to Schlumberger, I have been stacking up rigtales from Oklahoma training, to Atlanta evacuating a hurricane, to deepwater drillships in more than a mile deep of water, to the sand dunes in the Middle East, and back home to road trip and live with my parents!

About Me:
I graduated from Arizona State University in May 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I had a great time in college, and hope to keep the good times rolling to the oil rigs across the globe. Before moving to Arizona for college, I lived in the Dallas area, where I grew up. I also had a great time there.

I enjoy playing soccer, running, animals, traveling, live music, museums, playing games- all sorts, outside, swimming, jumping, talking, drawing, sleeping during your favorite movie, bull riding, rock climbing, reading, learning the violin, and very recently, roller skating.


Peace, and humpitness forever

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