Thanksgiving is Cold

In a little condo in Avon, Colorado, Lynn, her mother, my classmate and good friend, Uma Thurman, myself, and some of Lynn’s friends who share the condo with her are enjoying the snow and preparing for a Thanksgiving meal. The four of us ladies slept on air mattresses blown up in the living room in front of the TV like a giant slumber party.

Yesterday, we drove up from Denver and spent the day snowboarding at Beaver Creek Ski Resort. I wore my GoPro and proceeded to tumble down the mountain with Uma Thurman.


Today, we’re spending the morning with Thanksgiving stuffing fumes percolating through the condo while we study for our upcoming final exams and presentations. It’s a cozy feeling to be inside with close friends and family.


Later, we will eat all the foods, watch football, and take a nap. An All-American good time!