This past Sunday, I went to the┬áSalon International de l’Agriculture in Paris. In short, it was the fair sans Ferris wheel. It was indoors in a series of eight large pavilions, or approximately 8 times the size of the Animal Show in January.

I went with a new friend I made at crossfit and another friend I have in Paris. Over 6 hours, we covered the fair, sampled cheeses, meats, milk, fruits and vegetables. I learned about the different regions of France and ate a Foie Gras sandwhich. I saw cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits and horses. I came home exhausted and full of duck sausage.

20160306_122250Rows and rows of flower bulbs occupied a pavilion.

20160306_103039Award winning cows!

20160306_121054This is by far my favorite thing in the agriculture show. It is the “Tour F L”, where the F and L stand for “Fruits” and “Legumes”, respectively. This tower was on a display complete with strobe lights, much like the actual Tour Eiffel.

In other news, I registered myself for a half marathon race at the end of May. First day of training was a success. I have not run a sub 10 minute mile since college. Today I ran three miles, each under 10 minutes. I’m excited to keep active and see how much progress I can make in a few months.