Divine Intervention

Way out here, people can be nosy. Complete strangers will get all up in your business. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, but when it happens to your friends, its entirely hilarious.

I must now introduce a new character to the rigtales. She’s English. She’s red headed. Her name is Ginny Weasley. We watch TV shows and movie marathons together. We’re roommates. Sometimes we go to the beach while enjoying sweet, sweet standby in the desert. After a formal discussion and agreement, we decided to be best friends. So far, it’s going great. 


As two females in the field, we garner a lot of unwanted attention. As the only two females, we support each other and are able to laugh at some frustrating encounters. The other day, Ginny was at the rig while I was at Subway. 

My experience at Subway went something like this:

I ask the Subway Sandwich Maker for a 6″ Oregano bread sandwich. SSM asks me what “jersey” I am wearing (see above ASU apparel). I answer, “It’s from where I went to University.” … “Where are you from?” After a full year here, I have finally learned that ‘where are you from’ is the first in a series of questions which eventually leads to, ‘May I have your phone number’ or ‘Can you send me Whatsapp.’ I’m still fine tuning my defense tactics, but I’m finding ways to eliminate this aggressive progression. I answer, “USA. I’d like turkey and white cheese.” SSM then proceeds to fold the turkey neatly on my sandwich. After I decline his offer for double-meat, he hands me an extra piece of deli meat over the counter to snack on while he makes the rest of my sandwich.”How old are you?”…”25″….. “Are you married?” ….”Yes.” SSM proceeds to make my sandwich in silence. 

While I sit out of SSM’s eyesight, I send Ginny a message telling her about my awkward Subway experience. Lo and behold, she has a one up: I just got given a ‘present’ by the policeman. A religious book.



I find the unprompted distribution of religious propaganda at the very least inappropriate. To single out the one white girl amid a sea of Arabs and hand her a book on creation is inconsiderate. I won’t mention how unprofessional and unacceptable this should be in the workplace, but most people here simply brush it off as  “cultural differences.” As a little brown girl growing up in the Bible belt- I compare this to some of my experiences. No matter, Ginny and I laugh about it. We talk about missionary work and the philosophy behind singing in Church. Religious rhetoric is an appeal to your primal emotions.


Without looking at the left side publishing information, the table of contents looks like any religious propaganda I’ve ever received. I ask Ginny if I may keep the book. Spoils of war. A reminder of how we try to prove our differences, but always through similar methods. Are we human or are we dancer?