Sound Waves

Teaching science has proved to be more eventful than I’d ever dreamed. I teach five classes. One of my groups of kids ranges from K-2nd grade. In this group, I have 7 girls and one little boy, lets call him Damian.

Damian is the youngest child in my class, and he loves to talk to me. He talks the hour long session. As a teacher trying to remain in control of a group of children who have already been in school all day, this is frustrating. As a former child who earned the nickname “Motor Mouth” from all her family, friends, educators, and baby sitters, I have a high tolerance and understanding for this condition. Us extroverts must talk. We must talk all the time. We must talk to everyone. We must talk about everything we think.

Last week, I was teaching this little group about sounds. I asked them to tell me their favorite song or kind of music before delving into some demonstrations about waves and such. In this discussion, Damian told me he plays the electric guitar and plays songs by “Fernando”. I don’t know what this means, but I gave him a high five, assuming that’s cool.

Throughout my introduction and demonstrations, all the girls kept raising their hands and claiming, “Miss, Damian is bothering me!” Patronizing them, I will turn and ask, “Damian, are you bothering them!?” Damian always looks at me with droopy sad eyes and says meekly, “No”. I move on.

Later, the children were standing and pretending to be gas, liquid and solid molecules. They move closer together with each phase and we simulate a wave propagating through each. Damian fidgets and a little folded piece of paper falls out of his pocket. Holding out my hand, he quietly picks up the paper and hands it to me. I place it in my back pocket and move on.

After I came home, I found the paper again in my pocket. Curious, I unfolded it to find this:


I now know that Damian was, in fact bothering them. I wonder which little girl was meant to receive this. While this little note brought me much laughter, I can’t help but feel for little Damian, wearing his heart on his sleeve and writing love letters in science class. Us extroverts want everyone to know how we feel about them.