As usual, I keep myself busy. In the first week of April, my big sister came to stay with me for a week in Paris. I felt like this was truly my home, as I took her out to meet all my friends and enjoy the warm weather that week. She helped me buy groceries and made me food, just like we were in college again. We slept side by side on twin beds and I made sure to wake her up before I went to school, asking silly questions or just pestering her in her sleep.

After my sister left, I went on spring break. I joined my friend, Cyborg, who has been backpacking around Europe for about 2 months now. We met in Florence Italy and proceeded to explore Tuscany by rental car. I had some unforgettable pasta. We went to a goat farm. We made cheese.




^ The world famous foundations faux pas


^Scuba, art, and me


^All I want for Christmas is to go scuba diving

In my first week of class returning from spring break, I attended the “17 annual International Oil Summit”. ¬†We we warned by the class president, “This is France, so there will be protestants”. Indeed, not long after I arrived at the hotel, the protesters arrived. They were laying down in the street, chaining themselves to objects in the hotel lobby, and chanting a variety of slogans.


We waited for the excitement of the protesters to die down before beginning. After this, I heard talks given by some top executives in the oil industry, as well as a few international organizations such as OPEC and the IEA. We were served a fancy lunch.