Longhorns in the Rain

I’ve often wondered how horned animals maneuver their heads with such large protrusions.  How does the longhorn know where his horns are? Do they get stuck in fences or trees? Can he feel them? 

It rains a lot here in Paris. My little umbrella stays tucked in the side pocket of my backpack, ready for a quick draw. When the rain comes down, the umbrellas come out. Nearly everyone on the streets is carrying an umbrella.  Some are long and tall with a “J” shaped handle.  Some are colored or patterned.  Mine is a grey and compact.  I hold it just above my head and it partially obscures my view. The first few times I had to walk carrying sn umbrella, I came close to running into pillars, poles and parked cars.

This morning on our walk from the train station to school, I looked down and avoided puddles while balancing my umbrella in the wind. As we walked on tight sidewalks past the other umbrella toting commuters, I saw a dance of the colored awnings spattered with droplets.  We walked in silence. Tall umbrellas shift up to let little umbrellas pass under. Some twirl subtly to the left while others sway gently to the right. We navigate the street with these large protrusions over our heads. I think we’re like longhorns, aware of our horns.